You’d have to be a mind-reader to know what your customers are thinking about.

We can help you with that.

About Tranzamon

Bringing trust and transparency in transaction!

The most valuable data for your business or organization is direct, honest feedback from the people you serve. Tranzamon is bringing to market a new approach to gathering honest feedback that is a win-win for you and your customers.

For Business

Make it easy and rewarding for customers to share feedback with your business—and even easier for you to gather insights to improve their experience in the future. Customers use their own phones to pull up the  tool while at your business (no apps to download) then provide their feedback in order to collect coins in our system. We keep track of everyone that provides feedback and allow you to market to them in the future to reward their patronage.

For Consumers

No apps to download, no germ-covered public screens to interact with, and no sharing of any personal information. Everytime you provide feedback you earn coins in our system that can be traded for deals and coupons at any of our participating partners. Because none of your personal information is ever shared, the business can only market to you through our platform. You are in control of what you receive and when.

The Platform

The Simplest way to learn what your customers really think.

Our platform is ideal for any industry where customer and employee feedback is crucial for making intelligent business decisions. We will be rolling out specific off-the-shelf tools geared for target industries as we grow, but we are able to create custom experiences and private white-labeled tools for your company as well. Reach out to us with the contact form below to discuss your specific needs.

Speak your mind.
Earn rewards.

How it works

Phones that support near field communication(NFC) simply tap the smart card to leave feedback. Older phones can scan the fallback QR code to pull up the feedback experience.

Every time feedback is provided by a customer, coins are added to their Tranzamon Wallet that can be traded in later for coupons or offers.

You can see your customer's feedback real time in your Tranzamon dashboard and get insights about how your customers view you when they do transactions at your business.

Market and advertise your business using our mobile platform. Make your business visible to your customers publishing your logo, banner, coupons, offers and deals. Let customers see your business in their smartphones!

Target Industries



Medical Facilities

Corporate Offices

Factories / Manufacturing






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